COLDSET PRINTING PARTNERS has chosen Techniweb to modernise the automatic washing process of its K&B COMMANDER satellite lines.


Techniweb will install Technocleaners on the 7 K&B towers/3 folders in Paal-Beringen in July.

We are very pleased and proud that CPP has put its trust in us again after years of using techniweb systems on the K&B Cortina lines.

The installation will be carried out in the summer of 2021 with a machine interface supplied by our partner EAE.

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NDC GRAFISCH BEDRIJF in Leeuwarden/Netherlands has confirmed its order for Technocleaners washing systems.


NDC GRAFISCH BEDRIJF in Leeuwarden/Netherlands has confirmed its order for Technocleaners washing systems. After installation on the Geoman and Colorman XXL lines at Janssen Pers, techniweb will equip the 6 Geoman towers / 3 folders machines of NDC. The Technocleaner system will be supplied with an interface from manroland.
NDC will be a new user of techniweb systems in the Netherlands after Vorsselmans, De Persgroep, Rodi, Em de Jong and Janssen Pers.
Thanks to VMS, our partner in the Netherlands, for their technical and commercial support to our Dutch users.

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SUD OUEST (Bordeaux France) installs Technocleaners washers on its 3 COLORMAN lines

Sud Ouest

Techniweb has commissioned Technocleaners on the 6 COLORMAN towers.

Interfaced with ABB, the Technocleaners have a fully automated operation for cleaning blankets, inking/ dampening rollers and paper passageways.

Laurent Daudenthun Technical Director of SUD OUEST has opted for Techniweb technology to replace the existing expensive and heavy maintenance cloth systems.

We are very pleased with the partnership with SUD OUEST on this project.

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L'EST REPUBLICAIN (EBRA Group Nancy France) renews its confidence in Techniweb equipment

L'Est Républicain

Already a user of Technocleaners, the L’EST REPUBLICAIN has confirmed its order for Technocleaners to equip its 9 K&B COMMANDER towers currently being assembled. The Technocleaners will be interfaced into ABB controls for automated use.

Eric Singer, Technical Director, has also confirmed the order for an ink pumping station, as well as Filtercleaners and Filtercleaners Osmose from Techniweb.

This is a great project for Techniweb with equipment in the fields of automatic washing, ink supply and fount solution treatment.

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JANSSEN PERS (Netherlands) confirms its order for Technocleaners on its Colorman XXL.


We are pleased to announce the order of Technocleaner systems by Jost Swenne – Technical Director of Janssen Pers (EM DE JONG Group).

After equipping  5 GEOMAN towers, techniweb will install Technocleaners on the two COLORMAN XXL towers in Gennep at the beginning of 2021.

The Technocleaners will be interfaced with the pecom manroland press controls for fully automatic operation and cleaning of the blankets, common impression cylinders, inking/dampening rollers and web leads.

This is a great confirmation after the installation on the Geoman a few months ago.

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