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Techniweb has always offered a complete range of solutions for the control of dampening solutions. These water treatment technologies are used in all areas of graphic production.

We use a range of technologies such as reverse osmosis water treatment, filtration techniques, dosing, water cooling, fluid circulation and air humidification.


Effective solutions

All of these processes are designed for printers in all areas of the graphic industries: press,
commercial,book, packaging, form printing, fiduciary, security, digital printing, etc…

      • Fountain solution filtration

Techniweb FILTERCLEANER systems are used to filter fount solutions from web presses. This microfiltration process keeps the solution clean and does not generate any fount solution waste.

      • Reverse osmosis water treatment

Filtercleaner OS systems are manufactured on demand according to the fount solution requirements. They are industrial, robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

They treat the raw water which is not consistent for the offset process. Their operation is fully automatic.

      • Water treatment followed by air humidification

Our Filtercleaner Osmose units can treat water for air humidification systems.

      • Fount solution dosing

Together with our partner Dosatron, we offer solutions for the dosing and remote pumping of fluids in the printing industry.

Our dampening units feed several presses from a single dosing and pumping point, usally located in a dedicated technical room.

      • Circulation and cooling of dampening circuits

Together with our partner MGE, we develop on-demand solutions for the cooling and circulation of dampening solutions on all types of offset presses.

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Better print qualitywith the controlof all parameters

  • Print quality improvement
  • Reduction of fountain solution consumption
  • Reduction of waste treatment costs.
  • Better productivity
  • Lower paper/ cardboard waste

What are the different steps to install your Techniweb solution?

We have been equipped for years with  Filtercleaners OS and Filtercleaners for recycling our spray dampening fount solution waste. As always with Techniweb, both solutions are designed to limit maintenance costs. We standardize our fount solution water and do not waste it after the process with the two Filtercleaner solutions.

Eric Singer
Technical Director


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