The rational solution for dust removal on paper webs

For 15 years, Techniweb has been developing paper dust extraction technology for the graphic industry. Papercleaner is exclusively designed for web presses.

The degradation of the quality of paper/cardboard substrates as well as the use of virgin fibres may justify the use of web vacuum cleaning systems.


Quality dust removal

Papercleaner is designed for newspaper, commercial, book, and packaging web presses lines.

Papercleaner removes dust from the webs before printing.
It removes the amount of dust/lint which is present on the surface of the paper.

It does not prevent a built up of lint or kaolin due to poor quality papers but will slow down this built up with the vacuum cleaning.

The vacuum cleaning module is composed of a very specific suction blade combining different technologies which allows a very high flow rate for an maximum efficiency.

The device is double-sided or simply single-sided depending on the case. It consists of a vacuum cleaning unit coupled to a main suction and filtration system. It is controlled with the speed of the press.


Quality and productivity

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower paper/cardboard waste
  • Quality Improvement

What are the different steps to install your Techniweb solution?

We use the Papercleaner on our five Goss Uniliner towers in addition to the Technocleaner. Dust removal allows for longer intervals between washes and shorter wash programs.It is also an insurance against variations in paper quality. We reduce the amount of dust in the printing units, which also makes maintenance easier. The system is also effective for the suction of slitters and it cleans the dust accumulated inside the folder.

Eddy Marc
Industrial Director


Dust vacuum cleaningon paper/cardboard webs


    • Dust removal from paper, cardboard and various substrates


    • Slitters and folders dust vacuum cleaning


    • Folders dust cleaning

Other applications

    • Dust suction
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